ASHNR Gold Medal Awards

2016: Anton N. Hasso, M.D. F

2015: H. Ric Harnsberger, M.D.

2014: Joel D Swartz, MD

2013: Patricia A Hudgins, MD

2012: Deborah L Reede, MD

2011 : Charles J. Schatz, MD, FACR

2010 : Wendy R.K. Smoker, MS, MD, FACR

2009 : Hugh D Curtin, MD

2008 : William P. Dillon, MD

2007 : William W.M. Lo, MD

2006 : Mahmood F. Mafee, MD, FACR

2005 : Anthony A. Mancuso, MD

2004 : Peter M. Som, MD

2003 : Katherine A. Shaffer, MD

2002 : Barbara L. Carter-Moore, MD

2001 : R. Thomas Bergeron, MD

2000 : William N. Hanafee, MD

2000 : Daniel H. Johnson, Jr., MD

2000 : Guy D. Potter, MD

2000 : Galdino Valvassori, MD

William N. Hanafee MD Research Grant Award


Andrea Moore, M.D.
University of Michigan

Prediction of would failure in head and neck cancers treated with free flap reconstruction: Utility of CT perfusion and MR perfusion in the early post-operative period.


Manisha Bahl
Duke University Medical Center

Incidental Thyroid Nodules Detected in the National Lung Screening Trial: Estimation of Prevalence, Malignancy Rate, and Strategy for Workup

Nicholas A Koontz, MD
University of Utah Health Sciences Center

Advanced Functional Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging and Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Perfusion Imaging of Metastatic Melanoma of the Head and Neck


Tina D. Tailor, M.D.
University of Washington Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Seattle, Washington

Multifunctional Imaging of Angiogenesis and Metabolism in Head and Neck Cancer


Page Wang, M.D.
University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Perfusion CT, IL-8, and GRO- α: Biomarkers for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Patients with Ménière’s Disease
Julie Bykowski, MD
UCSD Medical Center


Early prediction of treatment efficacy in head and neck cancer: parametric response mapapplication to magnetic resonance perfusion data
Aaron H. Baer, MD
University of Michigan Health System

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ASHNR Core Curriculum Research Seed Grant

We’re excited to announce this new award to enable investigators (medical students, MDs or MD-PhDs) to conduct research related to imaging of the head and neck. Strong consideration will be given to applicants who are young investigators and for projects, which have potential for subsequent major publication or external grant funding.

Information on the New ASHNR Core Curriculum Research Seed Grant

Other ASHNR Awards

RIT Award
Stephanie Lam
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Optimal assessment of normal anatomy and pathology in head and neck cancers using dual energy CT: Utility of virtual monochromatic images

Exhibit Awards
Anne Marie Sullivan MD
Gul Moonis, MD
Alicia Quesnel, MD
Hugh D. Curtin

Marinos Kontzialis
Gary Gallia
Masaru Ishii
Nafi Aygun
Ari Blitz
High Resolution 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Abducens Nerve: Segmental Anatomic and Pathologic Considerations

David Landry M.D. FRCPC B.Eng
Christine Glastonbury MBBS
Collateral Damage: Radiation Induced Brain Injury from Head and Neck Malignancies

2013 ASHNR Outstanding Presentation Awards

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2011 ASHNR Outstanding Presentation Awards

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September 26-30, 2018
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2018 Research Awards
William N. Hanafee, M.D. Research Grant and Core Curriculum Research Seed Grant Information
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