ASHNR Members

Dear ASHNR Active Member:

Pursuant to the ASHNR Bylaws, it is time to select two ASHNR Members-at-Large to serve a one-year term on the 2020-2021 ASHNR Executive Committee. There will be one Junior Member-at-Large (defined as someone who has been an Active member for less than 10 years) and one Senior Member-at-Large (defined as someone who has been an Active member for more than 10 years) serving on the Executive Committee. The ASHNR Nominating Committee is requesting nominations for these two positions.

Per the recent revision to the Bylaws: “Neither junior nor senior Member-at-Large may serve in the same position for more than one term, consecutive or otherwise; however, a junior Member-at-Large may subsequently serve as a senior Member-at-Large.” Click here to view a list of individuals who have previously served in these roles.

Two candidates for each position will be submitted by the Nominating Committee. Prior to the 54th ASHNR Meeting, an election shall occur by all Active members through an electronic vote. The two elected Members-at-Large will receive final approval at the September 2020 Annual Business Meeting of Members in Orlando, Florida.
Please click here to nominate two ASHNR Members-at-Large. The deadline for nominations is March 16, 2020.
Thank you for your input and participation in this very important process!

Deborah R. Shatzkes, MDASHNR Immediate Past PresidentChair, ASHNR Nominating Committee