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ACR Call to Action

Take Action: Tell Congress to Support H.R. 846 and S. 623—Acts that will Block the Continued Application of the MPPR to the Professional Component of Advanced Imaging Services

Earlier this year, US Representatives and Senators introduced H.R. 846/S.623, the Diagnostic Imaging Services Access Protection Act, to the House and Senate respectively. The Diagnostic Imaging Services Access Protection Act blocks further implementation of the professional component (PC) multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR), which applies a 25 percent reduction to the PC of second and subsequent advanced imaging services furnished by the same physician (or same group practice) to the same Medicare patient, in the same session, on the same day.

Please take action by asking your legislators in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to co-sponsor this critical bill. Be sure to send a separate letter for the House Bill (H.R. 846) and the Senate Bill (S. 623).

How to Contact Your Representatives (will only take approx. 2-5 minutes):

  1. If you do not have an account on the ACR website, create a free account on ACR’s website.
  2. After you are logged in, you can use the automated ACR “Take Action” tool to automatically look up and contact your Congress representatives whether or not you are an ACR member.

Thanks in part to the extensive letter-writing and advocacy efforts of the ACR, ASNR, and ASHNR, CMS was convinced to reduce the originally proposed 50 percent reduction to 25 percent for 2012. However, we remain bitterly disappointed in the continued application of the 25 percent reduction, which is not supported by peer-reviewed documented evidence of efficiency.

Add your voice now on this important issue by writing your senators and representative!


ASHNR Executive Committee