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Annual Meeting Awards

ASHNR 2023 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards


Tames Hlvc; Bisolo L.; Sumi DV, Ribeiro S; Gomes Rle; Daniel MM; Soares CR


Sarah Pettyjohn, Jacqueline C. Junn, Azeem Kaka, Ashley Aiken, Kristen L. Baugnon, Sara Tedla


Thomas Stirrat, BS; Leila Zavar, BS; Robert K. Shin, MD; Ann K. Jay, MD


Amrutha Ramachandran, Stephanie Teixeira, Ngoc-Anh Tran, Vineet Gorolay, Christine Glastonbury


Madhavi Duvvuri, MD; Lucia West, BS; Christine Glastonbury, MBBS; Xin (Cynthia) Wu, MD


Greg Avey, MD; Timothy Szczykutowicz, PhD; Meghan Lubner, MD; Aria Salyapongse, BS; Tabassum Kennedy, MD


Brianna Damadian, MD; Jared Steinklein, MD; Deborah Shatzkes, MD


Ali Morshid, MD; Lawrence E. Ginsberg, MD; Richard H. Wiggins, MD; Yoshimi Anzai, MD; Blair A. Winegar, MD


Jeanie Choi, MD


Parth Y. Patel, MD; Jaime Wicks, MD; Kristen L. Baugnon, MD; Amy Y. Chen, MD; Ashley H. Aiken, MD


Christopher Husson, MD; Lex Mitchell, MD


Joseph Yetto, MD; Amelia Cho, MD; Aaron Cho, MD; Tara Massini, MD; Michael Cathey, MD


Sterling N. Lee BA; Paul M. Bunch, MD; David. A. Zander, MD


Stephen Little, Asha Sarma, Manish Bajaj, Alexandra Foust


Joyce Hsu, MD; Jessica Houk, MD; Philip Chapman, MD


Onur Yildirim, Danielli Matsuura, Cristina Valero, Alana Eagan, Ian Ganly, Snehal G. Patel, Hilda E. Stambuk


Anuja Sharma, Logan Thomas, Rick Wiggins, Rock Hadley, Ganesh Adluru, Amanda Stark, Edward DiBella, Julie M Barkmeier-Kraemer

Manu Gupta

Bindu Setty

Michael Lee

Blair Winegar

ASHNR 2022 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Education: Gold

Ty Todd DO, Caroline Robson CBChB, Alexandra Foust DO, Sumit Pruthi MBBS, Asha Sarma MD

Education: Silver

Dr. Alejandra Pajón Julio, Dr. Mario Alberto Campos Coy, Dr. Natalia Villarreal Del Bosque, Dr. Alberto Montemayor Martinez

Education: Bronze

Natalie Utley, Robert K. Shin, MD, Ann K. Jay, MD

Certificate of Merit: Educational Exhibit

  • Yoshiaki Ota.  Advanced Imaging Biomarkers for H&N Paragangliomas
  • Alex Stevens.  Ecchordosis Physaliphora: Does it Even Exist?
  • Dhairya Lakhani.  Diseases of the Middle Cranial Fossa
  • Maili Lim.  A Glimpse Through the Third Window
  • Sarah Farmer.  Uncommon Nasal Cavity Masses
  • Akiri Baba.  Middle Ear Cholesteatoma

Neurographics Invitation

  • Yoshiaki Ota.  Advanced Imaging Biomarkers for H&N Paragangliomas
  • Edward Fourgas. Apex Nasi: What’s Happening Near the Tip of Your Nose
  • Christopher Shin. Arterial Collaterals in the Neck
  • Ty Todd. Practical Approach to Pediatric Sinonasal Masses
  • Alejandra Pajon.  Dynamic and Static Maneuvers for Neck CT
  • Amit Agarwal. Photon Counting in Head and Neck Imaging
  • Michael Hornick.  Pathologies of the Pediatric Masticator Space

Gold Medal – Scientific Presentation

Eva Chau, et al.

CT of the Larynx: Is an Additional High-Resolution Acquisition Necessary for Diagnostic Accuracy?

Case of the Day – Thursday Winner

Sandeep Naik

Case of the Day – Friday Winner

Galal Omami

Case of the Day – Saturday Winner

Esther Nimchinsky

Case of the Day – Overall Winner

Bernd Daeubler

ASHNR 2021 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

In-Training Award for Best Scientific Oral Presentation

Jun W Lee, MD, Emory University

Education: Gold

Joseph Lang, MD: Horner Syndrome and the Oculosympathetic Pathway: A Case Based Review.

Additional authors: Nathan Kim, MD, Anthony Kuner, MD, & Tabby A. Kennedy, MD

Education: Silver

Bradley Otto, MD: Development of a Head and neck Curriculum for Early Learners Utilizing Infographics).

Additional authors: Gregory Avey, MD, Jacki Whisenant, Katie Yang, MS, & Tabassum A. Kennedy, MD

Education: Bronze

Neomir Fabris, MD: IgG4-Related Disease in the Head and Neck — Imaging Aspects, Subsites and Differential).

Additional authors: Ivan L Azevedo, MD, Hugo L.V.C. Tames, MD, Maira Sarpi, MD, Bruno Olivetti, MD, Regina LE Gomes, MD, PhD, & Eloisa MMS Gebri, MD, PhD

Certificate of Merit

David Zander, MD: The “Hamantaschen” Sign: A Unique Appearance of Lesions Arising from the Sphenoid Greater Wing).

Additional authors: Asha Sarma, MD & Lianngge Hsu, MD

Education: Certificate of Merit

Ana Arriola, BA/BS: Bring Blurry Vision Into Focus

Additional authors: Chris Lu, MD, Robert K Shin, MD, & Ann K. Jay, MD

Education: Certificate of Merit

Shreya Patel, MD: Seeing is Believing: A Clinico-radiologic Approach to Lesions of the Optic Nerve and Sheath

Additional authors: Amy Juliano, MD & Gul Moonis, MD

Education Certificate of Merit

Aparna Madhavan, MBChB, FRCR: Imaging Overview of Orbital Proptosis

Additional authors: Sarah Abdulla, MBBS, FRCR & Reena Dwivedi, MBBS, MRCS, FRCR

Education Certificate of Merit

Jacqueline C. Junn, MD: Say “AAAAH”: Illustration of Non-Epithelial Masses in the Oral Cavity Through Identification of Subsite Involvement

Additional authors: Kai Zhong, MD, Ryan Griesbach, MD, & Laura Eisenmenger, MD

Education: Certifiate of Merit

Brian Graner, MD: The Sinus Tympani Epiphany

Additional authors: Rick Nelson, MD, PhD & Nicholas A. Koontz, MD

Education: Certificate of Merit

Caitlin Henry, MD: InSIGHTS: A Visual Illustration of Lymphoproliferative Disease of the Orbit

Additional authors: Gul Moonis, MD

Case Exhibit/Case Series: Gold

Nikita Deshpande, BS: Rare Diffuse Primary Intraosseous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Head and Neck

Additional authors: Giang-Kim T. Nguyen, MD, J. Dixon Johns, MD, Suzette K. Mikula, MD, Ann K. Jay, MD

Case Exhibit/Case Series: Silver

Triet Do, MS: Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis

Additional authors: Christopher P. Zetzmann, MD, MPH, Mandy C. Weidenhaft, MD, & Enrique Palacios, MD

Case Exhibit/Case Series: Bronze

Carlos AFC Neto: Radiologic Findings on Branchio-Otic Syndrome: a Case Report

Case Exhibit/Case Series: Certificate of Merit

Taylor Schweigert: Things Are Getting Hairy: A Glimpse at a Rare Scalp Lesion

Additional Authors: Sean Creeden, MD

ASHNR 2020 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Elizabeth George

Education: Gold

EE202 Elizabeth George: Critical Thrombosis Patterns in Head and Neck Infections

SILVER - Mistry Devanshi

Education: Silver

EE219 Mistry Devanshi: Raiders of the Lost Canal: Review of Uncommon Skull Base Canals, Foramina and Fissures

Additional authors: Shehanaz Ellika, Edward Lin, Jeevak Almast, Gul Moonis

BRONZE - Frederick Kebbel

Education: Bronze

EE209 Frederick Kebbel: Blind Spots in Head and Neck Imaging

Additional authors: Colin Segovis, Xin Wu, Ashley Aiken, Kristen Baugnon

Certificate of Merit- EE201 Amy Metry

Certificate of Merit

EE201 Amy Metry: Postoperative Imaging of Hearing Loss

Additional Authors: Andrew McCall, Barry Hirsch, Barton Branstetter

Certificate of Merit- EE220 Alexandra Foust

Certificate of Merit

EE220 Alexandra Foust: Developmental Anomalies of the Midface

Additional Authors: Judy Estroff, Caroline Robson

Certificate of Merit - EE 224 Cooper Cain

Certificate of Merit

EE 224 Cooper Cain: Adverse Effects of Bisphosphonates in the Head and Neck

Additional Authors: Mohammad Gharavi

Certificate of Merit EE242 Pesach Baral

Certificate of Merit

EE242 Pesach Baral: Narrowing the pipe: A look into the different etiologies of tracheal stenosis

Additional authors: Elliott Friedman, Maria Patino

Certificate of Merit EE243 Alexandra Foust

Certificate of Merit

EE243 Alexandra Foust: Imaging Findings in Massive Lymphadenopathy with sinus histiocytosis [Rosai Dorfman disease] in the pediatric head and neck.

Additional authors: S. Vargas, C. Robson

Fan Favorite Award- CE205 Aakriti Mishra


Fan Favorite Award: CE205 Aakriti Mishra

Additional Authors: Gamaliel Lorenzo, Marc Mabray, Narges Moghimi, Jacob W. Ormsby

In-Training Award- OP-210 Ngoc-Anh Tran


In-Training Award: OP-210 Ngoc-Anh Tran: Diagnostic performance of CT for the detection of extranodal extension in patients with HPV-associated SCC of the oropharynx.

Additional Authors:
Glenn Hanna, Jonathan D. Schoenfeld, Benjamin Kann, Jeffrey P. Guenette

ASHNR 2019 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Mikell Yuhasz

Quantitative and stereotactic MRI characterization of auditory pathways in pediatric cochlear implant candidates (Department of Radiology, New York University, New York, NY)

Alexandra Foust, DS

The Ossicles in Pediatric Conductive Hearing Loss (Harvard Medical School – Boston, Massachusetts)

Valeria Onofrj, MD

Can You Hear Me Now? Congenital and Acquired Causes of Sensorineural & Mixed Hearing Loss in Children (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Jacueline Junn, MD

Fake Meningiomas: A Case Based Approach to Nailing the Diagnosis of Skull Base Meningioma Mimics (Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging – University of California, San Francisco)

Yun Jung Bae, MD, PhD

MRI-based assessment of pharyngeal constrict or muscle as a predictor of positive surgical margin after transoral robotic surgery for HPV-positive tonsillar cancer (Department of Radiology – Seoul National University Bundang Hospital – Korea)

Gloria J. Guzman Perez-Carillo, MD, MSc

Increased Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values in Optimized Head and Neck Diffusion Weighted Imaging Utilizing RESOLVE and MultiBand Versus Conventional Diffusion Weighted Imaging (Banner University Medical Center – Tuscon, Arizona)

Jung Hyun Noh

MR Imaging of Teflon Granuloma: A Plausible Cause of Failed Microvascular Decompression in Patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemifacial Spasm (Department of Radiology, Samsung Medical Center – Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea)

ASHNR 2018 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Jeannie Kochkodan, MD

Differentiation of benign and malignant neck lymph nodes on dual energy CT

Lais F. Ramin, MD

The Oculomotor Nerve: Beyond Diplopia (Radiology Institute of the University of Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Joseph M. Yetto, MD

Stuck in the Middle: Nervus Intermedius Related Neuropathologic Imaging Spectrum (Naval Medical Center San Diego – San Diego, California)

Jacqueline Junn, MD

Carcinoma of Unknown Primary – Understanding the AJCC8 guidelines and how to identify the primary lesion (University of California – San Francisco, California)

Nuttha Sanghan, MD

Retrospective Review of Otic Capsule Contour and Thickness in Otosclerosis and Normal-Hearing Patients on CT (Department of Radiology, Prince Of Songkla University, Songkhla – Thailand)

Jeffrey Sachs, MD

Orbital Interstitial Fluid: A Pathway for Extracranial CSF Absorption? (Wake Forest Baptist Health – Winston Salem, North Carolina)

Edwarda Golden, MD

Hyperintensity of the Optic Nerve on 3D FLAIR Imaging is Effective for Identifying Papilledema in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health – Madison, Wisconsin)