ASHNR “Talking Heads and Necks” Webinar

The list of speakers, moderators, and topics:

May 14, 2020: “Temporal Bone Anatomy”, Benjamin Huang, MD, MPH (speaker) with Christine Glastonbury, MBBS (moderator) and Gul Moonis, MD (moderator)

May 21, 2020: “Conductive Hearing Loss”, Hugh Curtin, MD (speaker) with Deborah Shatzkes, MD (moderator) and Caroline Robson, MBChB (moderator)

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May 28, 2020: “Sensorineural Hearing Loss”, Caroline Robson, MBChB (speaker) with Jack Lane, MD (moderator) and Amy Juliano, MD (moderator)

June 11, 2020: “Sinonasal Anatomy”, Tabby Kennedy (speaker) and “Sinonasal Malignancy”, Deborah Shatzkes (speaker) with Ashok Srinivasan (moderator) and Nicholas Koontz (moderator)

June 18, 2020: “Parathyroid Gland”, Doug Phillips, MD (speaker) and “Thyroid”, Yoshimi Anzai (speaker) with Kristine Mosier, DMD, PhD (moderator) and Ashley Aiken, MD (moderator)

June 25, 2020: “Staging: Why and How?”, Pat Rhyner (speaker) and “NIRADS”, Ashley Aiken, MD (speaker) with Nancy Fischbein, MD (moderator) and Rick Wiggins, MD (moderator)


We will have more dates and speakers/moderators lined up soon.