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ASHNR 2020 Awards

Vijay Rao, MD

2020 ASHNR Gold Medal Award

Vijay Rao, MD

Elizabeth George

Education: Gold

EE202 Elizabeth George: Critical Thrombosis Patterns in Head and Neck Infections

SILVER - Mistry Devanshi

Education: Silver

EE219 Mistry Devanshi: Raiders of the Lost Canal: Review of Uncommon Skull Base Canals, Foramina and Fissures

Additional authors: Shehanaz Ellika, Edward Lin, Jeevak Almast, Gul Moonis

BRONZE - Frederick Kebbel

Education: Bronze

EE209 Frederick Kebbel: Blind Spots in Head and Neck Imaging

Additional authors: Colin Segovis, Xin Wu, Ashley Aiken, Kristen Baugnon

Certificate of Merit- EE201 Amy Metry

Certificate of Merit

EE201 Amy Metry: Postoperative Imaging of Hearing Loss

Additional Authors: Andrew McCall, Barry Hirsch, Barton Branstetter

Certificate of Merit- EE220 Alexandra Foust

Certificate of Merit

EE220 Alexandra Foust: Developmental Anomalies of the Midface

Additional Authors: Judy Estroff, Caroline Robson

Certificate of Merit - EE 224 Cooper Cain

Certificate of Merit

EE 224 Cooper Cain: Adverse Effects of Bisphosphonates in the Head and Neck

Additional Authors: Mohammad Gharavi

Certificate of Merit EE242 Pesach Baral

Certificate of Merit

EE242 Pesach Baral: Narrowing the pipe: A look into the different etiologies of tracheal stenosis

Additional authors: Elliott Friedman, Maria Patino

Certificate of Merit EE243 Alexandra Foust

Certificate of Merit

EE243 Alexandra Foust: Imaging Findings in Massive Lymphadenopathy with sinus histiocytosis [Rosai Dorfman disease] in the pediatric head and neck.

Additional authors: S. Vargas, C. Robson

Fan Favorite Award- CE205 Aakriti Mishra


Fan Favorite Award: CE205 Aakriti Mishra

Additional Authors: Gamaliel Lorenzo, Marc Mabray, Narges Moghimi, Jacob W. Ormsby

In-Training Award- OP-210 Ngoc-Anh Tran


In-Training Award: OP-210 Ngoc-Anh Tran: Diagnostic performance of CT for the detection of extranodal extension in patients with HPV-associated SCC of the oropharynx.

Additional Authors:
Glenn Hanna, Jonathan D. Schoenfeld, Benjamin Kann, Jeffrey P. Guenette