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ASHNR 2019 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Award Trophy

Radiologist-in-Training Award

  • #1

    Mikell Yuhasz

    Quantitative and stereotactic MRI characterization of auditory pathways in pediatric cochlear implant candidates (Department of Radiology, New York University, New York, NY)

Electronic Exhibits Winners: Educational Exhibits

  • #1

    Alexandra Foust, DS

    The Ossicles in Pediatric Conductive Hearing Loss (Harvard Medical School – Boston, Massachusetts)

  • #2

    Valeria Onofrj, MD

    Can You Hear Me Now? Congenital and Acquired Causes of Sensorineural & Mixed Hearing Loss in Children (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Cincinnati, Ohio)

  • #3

    Jacueline Junn, MD

    Fake Meningiomas: A Case Based Approach to Nailing the Diagnosis of Skull Base Meningioma Mimics (Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging – University of California, San Francisco)

Electronic Exhibits Winners: Scientific Exhibits

  • #1

    Yun Jung Bae, MD, PhD

    MRI-based assessment of pharyngeal constrict or muscle as a predictor of positive surgical margin after transoral robotic surgery for HPV-positive tonsillar cancer (Department of Radiology – Seoul National University Bundang Hospital – Korea)

  • #2

    Gloria J. Guzman Perez-Carillo, MD, MSc

    Increased Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values in Optimized Head and Neck Diffusion Weighted Imaging Utilizing RESOLVE and MultiBand Versus Conventional Diffusion Weighted Imaging (Banner University Medical Center – Tuscon, Arizona)

  • #3

    Jung Hyun Noh

    MR Imaging of Teflon Granuloma: A Plausible Cause of Failed Microvascular Decompression in Patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemifacial Spasm (Department of Radiology, Samsung Medical Center – Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea)

ASHNR 2018 Award Recipients

Radiologist in Training Award for best oral scientific presentation

  • #1

    Jeannie Kochkodan, MD

    Differentiation of benign and malignant neck lymph nodes on dual energy CT

 Top 3 electronic educational exhibits

  • #1

    Lais F. Ramin, MD

    The Oculomotor Nerve: Beyond Diplopia (Radiology Institute of the University of Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  • #2

    Joseph M. Yetto, MD

    Stuck in the Middle: Nervus Intermedius Related Neuropathologic Imaging Spectrum (Naval Medical Center San Diego – San Diego, California)

  • #3

    Jacqueline Junn, MD

    Carcinoma of Unknown Primary – Understanding the AJCC8 guidelines and how to identify the primary lesion (University of California – San Francisco, California)

 Top 3 electronic scientific presentations

  • #1

    Nuttha Sanghan, MD

    Retrospective Review of Otic Capsule Contour and Thickness in Otosclerosis and Normal-Hearing Patients on CT (Department of Radiology, Prince Of Songkla University, Songkhla – Thailand)

  • #2

    Jeffrey Sachs, MD

    Orbital Interstitial Fluid: A Pathway for Extracranial CSF Absorption? (Wake Forest Baptist Health – Winston Salem, North Carolina)

  • #3

    Edwarda Golden, MD

    Hyperintensity of the Optic Nerve on 3D FLAIR Imaging is Effective for Identifying Papilledema in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health – Madison, Wisconsin)

ASHNR Gold Medal Awards

  • 2019

    Laurie A. Loevner, MD

  • 2018

    Roy A. Holliday, MD

  • 2017

    Edward E. Kassel, MD, FACR

  • 2016

    Anton N. Hasso, MD.

  • 2015

    H. Ric Harnsberger, MD.

  • 2014

    Joel D Swartz, MD

  • 2013

    Patricia A Hudgins, MD

  • 2012

    Deborah L Reede, MD

  • 2011

    Charles J. Schatz, MD, FACR

  • 2010

    Wendy R.K. Smoker, MS, MD, FACR

  • 2009

    Hugh D Curtin, MD

  • 2008

    William P. Dillon, MD

  • 2006

    Mahmood F. Mafee, MD, FACR

  • 2005

    Anthony A. Mancuso, MD

  • 2004

    Peter M. Som, MD

  • 2003

    Katherine A. Shaffer, MD

  • 2002

    Barbara L. Carter-Moore, MD

  • 2001

    R. Thomas Bergeron, MD

  • 2000

    William N. Hanafee, MD*

  • 2000

    Daniel H. Johnson, Jr., MD

  • 2000

    Guy D. Potter, MD*

  • 2000

    Galdino Valvassori, MD

    *= deceased

William N. Hanafee MD Research Grant Award

  • 2019

    Xin (Cynthia) Wu, MD

    Emory University, Atlanta, GA
    MRI Neurography for Surgical Planning in Head and Neck Cancers: An Imaging-Pathologic Correlation to determine Imaging Accuracy for Prediction of Perineural Disease Extent

  • 2018

    Mai-Lan Ho, MD

    Mayo Clinic- Rochester, Minnesota
    Zero Echo-Time MRI: A New Tool for Head & Neck Imaging

  • 2017

    Jeffrey P. Guenette MD

    Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Department of Radiology, Boston, Massachusetts
    Imaging and 3D Rendering of the Extracranial Facial Nerve Root and its Five Intra-Parotid Branches with High-Resolution Structural MRI and Diffusion Tractography

  • 2016

    Jason M. Johnson, MD

    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
    Dual-time Point (DTP) FDG PET for the Post-treatment Assessment of Head and Neck Tumors Following Definitive Chemoradiation Therapy

  • 2015

    Andreea G. Moore, MD

    University of Michigan Health Systems, Department of Radiology, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Prediction of Wound Failure in Head and Neck Cancers Treated with Free Flap Reconstruction: Utility of CT Perfusion and MR Perfusion in the Early Post-Operative Period

  • 2014

    Manisha Bahl, MD

    Duke University Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Durham, North Carolina
    Incidental Thyroid Nodules Detected in the National Lung Screening Trial: Estimation of Prevalence, Malignancy Rate, and Strategy for Workup

  • 2014

    Nicholas A. Koontz, MD, DABR

    University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Department of Radiology, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Advanced Functional Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging and Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Perfusion Imaging of Metastatic Melanoma of the Head and Neck

  • 2013

    Tina D. Tailor, MD

    University of Washington Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Seattle, Washington
    Multifunctional Imaging of Angiogenesis and Metabolism in Head and Neck Cancer

  • 2012

    Page Wang, MD

    University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Perfusion CT, IL-8, and GRO- α: Biomarkers for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

  • 2011

    Aaron H. Baer, MD

    University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Radiology, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Early Prediction of Treatment Efficacy in Head and Neck Cancer: Parametric Response Map Application to Magnetic Resonance Perfusion Data

  • 2011

    Julie Bykowski, MD

    UCSD Medical Center (MC 8749), San Diego, California
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of Patients with Ménière’s Disease

  • 2010

    Nickoleta L. Hoefling, MD

    University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Radiology, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Correlation of CT Perfusion with HPV, EGFR and p16 status of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck

ASHNR Core Curriculum Research Seed Grant

  • 2018

    Bradley J. Otto, MD

    University of Wisconsin Madison- Madison, Wisconsin
    The Enduring Learning Object as a Vehicle for Head and Neck Radiology Priming – How Does
    E-Learning Affect Reading Room Engagement and Proficiency?

  • 2015

    Daniel Lam, Medical Student

    The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
    Microscopy of the Intraparotid Facial Nerve

Other ASHNR Awards